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Jumping Off Your Blood Pressure?

What if I told you there was an amazing exercise that you could do every single day that was easy on your knees, felt great, would help you lose weight, reduced toxins, and could help lower your blood pressure? This amazing exercise is called Rebounding and has been studied by many leading universities and researchers on its amazing health benefits. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline has turned into an international fitness craze as people have felt better, lost weight, and improved their overall health. Recent studies have shown that rebounding just 5 minutes a day may help support healthy blood pressure levels.

What do I like most about rebounding? It’s the fact that any age group can do very well with this exercise. Just get a basic rebounder ( for about 100.00. Set it up in your living room, turn on your favorite sporting event or show, and start jumping! Typically 5 minutes a day up to 20 minutes per day is a great routine.

Get moving and live better!

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.