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The New Hormone Replacement?

When we think about the benefits of exercise we often think about calories burned, increasing strength, or better cardiovascular function. But what about our hormones? Can we have better hormone function because of exercise? Recent studies suggest that just three days per week of resistance exercise is enough to increase our “fountain of youth” hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone. If you are wanting to drop some excess body fat, or concerned about looking and feeling younger, then consider some form of resistance training. Weight training has always been a mainstay in transforming your overall hormone profile, however, the many “boot camp” style DVD’s that involve constant movement and bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to transform your body composition and health hormones. Make a goal for 20-30 minutes three days per week. See your doctor and get a metabolic and nutritional blood work profile before and 3 months later to check your results. You will be amazed at how the numbers may change. More importantly, you will be amazed at how the way you look and feel will change.

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.