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Why Walking May Be Our Best Prescription for Health

As physicians we are always making a big deal about how if you can at least walk it will make a great impact on our health. It’s true. It is suggested by most studies now that we should exercise (walk) at least 150 minutes a week for optimal health. The main reason walking is so important for our health is because we are so inactive and we sit all day. We sit in the car, at work, at home on the couch, while we eat, etc. We have to get moving. Besides the main reasons of reducing heart disease, lowering diabetes, better mood, and weight management, there are many reasons to step up the walking in your daily routine. 


  • Help chocolate cravings
  • Improves memory by 60%
  • Improves sleep
  • Keeps you mentally sharp
  • Increases bone density

In addition to these great tips, many people struggle with finding time to take a stroll. Here are some of my No Excuses! for getting your walk in everyday. Remember studies have shown that just a 2-minute walk can break patterns in the body that creates disease.

1.Park Far Away
Stop circling the lot to get the closer spot. Park far away and get some exercise in

2.Take The Stairs
Even if its on the 5th floor. I had one lady look in shock as I said where are the stairs? When the place I was going was on the 3rd floor!

3.Keep Your Walking Shoes in Your Car
Always be ready. Lunchtime strolls with a friend is better for you than sitting in a coffee shop. 

4.Sit High On The Bleachers
Go to the nosebleed section. Walk it. Your child will appreciate how loud you can yell from the high bleachers!

5.Have Multiple Routines
Pick multiple areas to do your walks. The track one day, the mall, the neighborhood. Vary your locations to keep anticipation and reduce boredom.

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.