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Is Your Exercise Burning Fat?

More is better right? That’s what many of us think. We get on the treadmill for 1 hour each day hoping to melt away the body fat. Or maybe we go out and ride the bike to get “how many” miles in per day. The question remains, “what are your goals for your exercise plan?” Numerous studies have been done to prove that more is not necessarily better when it comes to optimizing your bodyweight and burning away the body fat. In fact, in only 11 minutes a day, you can maximize your fat burning potential. So today I want you to unlearn everything you have learned about aerobic exercise and lets get started. Here is the routine that will create a “Surge” in your hormones and accelerate your fat loss.

Pick an exercise: treadmill, bike, elliptical, stairs, or sprints outside.
Warm up for 2 minutes to get the blood flowing.
Go at a high pace for 80-90% of your MHR for 30 seconds
Resume normal pace for 1-2 minutes, then repeat the higher pace.
Do this 4-5 times and it should take you about 11 minutes. Then you will be on your way to becoming a fat burning machine with more time to spare during the day. With only 11 minutes a day…No More Excuses!

*Exercise is Medicine is a campaign of the American College of Sports Medicine for health care professionals to encourage exercise for improving overall health.